jennifer-roland-web-headshotHi. My name is Jennifer. And I’m a moonlighter.

I’ve been moonlighting off and on in some capacity since I was in college and working two jobs, peer advising, and taking a full courseload.

After leaving my job at an educational technology association, I began freelancing. And I kept it up even after I got a full-time job working in the marketing department of a credit union.

I recently left that gig, so I’m now a full-time freelancer. This is a lot like moonlighting around a full-time job, as I have to juggle multiple client and personal priorities every day.

What I want to do here is share the lessons I’ve learned about using your off hours to build the career you want, whether you want to keep moonlighting long term or whether you’re building up a client base and income so you can leave your day job.

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